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Zodiac Sign and their Online Personality

a fearless leader who enjoys posting about their greatest successes on social media.  Plays to win and demands respect.


A brave leader who enjoys posting about their best moments and achievements on social media.  Demands respect and strives for victory.


Anonymity on social media facilitates subtweets and online voyeurism.  Consistency is unattainable, but for sincere followers, it's worthwhile.


Social media presence of a sassy and fiery cancer, prone to petty posts yet fast to move on.  Loves sharing IG stories and ALL CAPS.


a social media influencer who is well-known for posting consistent, envious-inspiring stuff and leading the finest life possible.


You present a self-assured character with several identities that is mercurial, funny, and strategic.  A fantastic knowledge source who takes pleasure in spelling checks.


Founder of a nostalgic, relatable social media site with a Venusian flair, featuring #GetReadyWithMe vlogs and content that resembles works of art.


Discreet and captivating social media presence that strikes a balance between privacy and public character. Maestro of "faking it 'til you make it" and a passionate creator.


Friendly, down to earth, FOMO-driven, wanderlust-filled, and DGAF. Enjoys sharing her work, devotions, and comedy on social media.


You have a polished and well-coordinated online presence and are a charming and diplomatic pro.  Any office meltdowns are hidden by your happy hour posts.


Aquarius with an offensive online persona.  Able to openly express taboos and feelings.


Pisces is a well-traveled and intellectual individual who displays their love of spirituality, food, music, and spontaneous travels on their vibrant Instagram profile.