Yoga Sculpt: 5 Belly-Busting Asanas for Women on the Journey to a Toned Tummy 

Boat Pose 

Boat Pose, a core-strengthening asana that targets the abdominal muscles and helps you achieve a flat and toned belly. 

Plank Pose 

Engage your core and fire up your metabolism with Plank Pose. This dynamic asana not only checks belly fat but also strengthens your entire body. 

Warrior III 

The strength and grace of a warrior as you master Warrior III. This balancing pose challenges your core muscles and aids in sculpting a firm and sleek midsection. 

Bow Pose  

Bow Pose opens up your heart and targets the abdomen, stimulating digestion and toning your belly. Experience the joy of stretching and strengthening .

Twisted Chair Pose 

Ignite your inner fire with Twisted Chair Pose, a twist that detoxifies the body and engages your core to banish belly fat and love handles. 

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