What 10 month-old babies should and shouldn't be eating

Raw vegetables and whole fruits

Raw vegetables are hard for newborns to chew, and entire fruits like grapes can choke them. Be sure to cook vegetables until soft and cut fruits into bite-sized pieces.

Dried fruits and nuts

Hard, tiny nuts can choke your infant. Avoid these at this age.

Packaged, sugary snacks

Cookies and cakes are processed and heavy in sugar and saturated fat. They're unhealthy and bad for baby teeth.

High salt foods

Salty snacks can strain your baby's kidneys. Give your child fewer chips, bacon, and cheese.

Hard snacks/candy

It is best to steer clear of items that are difficult to chew, such as candy and popcorn, because they pose a risk of choking.


It is best to steer clear of honey at this age because it has been linked to an extremely rare sickness known as newborn botulism.

Cow's milk

If at all possible, you should hold off on giving your infant cow's milk until he or she has reached the age of one year.

What kinds of foods should a baby of 10 months old be eating?