Vitamin C: Your Body Can't Live Without It for These 8 Reasons!

Bruised skin

Early vitamin C deficiency symptoms include easy bruising. There may be superficial capillaries that bruise and bleed more. 

Bleeding gums

Vitamin C deficiency causes swollen, bleeding gums. Again, collagen synthesis can cause gum inflammation, periodontal disease, and tooth loss if not recognized and treated early.

Slow wound healing

Vitamin C helps create connective tissue, therefore low levels impede collagen production.


Unexpected nosebleeds are another indicator of vitamin C insufficiency. Reduced vitamin C makes capillaries weak and bleed easily.

Dry skin

Vitamin C and weather determine dry or normal skin. Low collagen levels can cause red, dry, and keratosis pilaris, an accumulation of melanin pigments in the skin. 

Unexplained weight gain

Deficit of vitamin C, which is essential for fat metabolism, causes weight gain, especially around the waist. Weight management is helped by fat oxidation

Lowered immunity

Vitamin C deficiency increases the body's vulnerability to severe and frequent infections. People who get colds often may be vitamin C deficient.

Emotional health

Vitamin C regulates mood, therefore insufficient amounts might cause depression. Eat a juicy orange to feel better! You can ask a doctor a free question about any topic.

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