Vegan  Plant-Based  Protein Sources

Hemp seeds are plant seeds. They're safe, legal, and won't get you high as hemp does. They are a diverse, nutritious, complete protein source. 

Hemp seeds 

empeh, a fermented food with probiotics, can reduce soy-related issues. Tempeh reduces sugar cravings and boosts immunity, digestion, cholesterol, and appetite.

Organic Tempeh

Quinoa, pronounced "keen-wah," is the odd-sounding plant. It's nutritious and popular plant-based protein. This ancient South American seed is gluten-free.


Beans and chickpeas are staples in many cultures and popular vegetarian and vegan meat replacements. These legumes contain fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

Beans & Chickpeas

Lentils are the third-highest-protein legume after hemp seeds and soybeans. Bushy plant pods with lens-shaped legume seeds.


Spirulina powder, made from blue-green algae, is a protein-rich superfood. Combined with nuts, this superfood is a complete protein source. 


Vegan Green Smoothie Bowl