The oral health of your family may be maintained with these 10 superfoods


Yogurt's calcium builds tooth enamel. Recent studies demonstrate that it decreases hydrogen sulfide, removing bad breath. Eat yogurt without sugar, which can damage.

Apples and carrots

Crunchy apples, carrots, and celery promote saliva production, which cleans the mouth of cavity-causing bacteria. You hungry on the go? Open the fridge and grab an apple.


Some sticky foods are good for dental health, but most are bad because they produce bacteria. 

Green Tea

Green tea is said to aid weight loss. It reduces gum disease-causing mouth irritation and bacterial growth, according to new studies.

Whole grains

 Whole grains including oats, barley, bran, etc. may indirectly improve periodontal health by improving blood sugar processing.


Ancient civilizations used cinnamon for dental health. Cinnamic aldehyde oil inhibits bacterial development, preventing infections.


Cranberries are popular for bladder infections but can help benefit periodontal health. They include natural chemicals that prevent bacteria from sticking. 


This may sound confusing, but it works well. Despite their unpleasant fragrance, onions are quite efficient against certain bacteria and can prevent cavities.

Green, leafy vegetables

Green green vegetables are healthy. They maintain teeth and digest blood sugar like whole grains. They increase saliva and contain bacteria-fighting phytochemicals.

Milk and cheese

Cheese and milk provide calcium, which builds bones and teeth. They include casein, a protein that neutralizes bacteria acids, reducing bad breath and tooth discolouration.

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