The Numerous Advantages of Undergoing Physical Therapy

Sports injuries

Athletic stress fractures, sprains, and ligament tears are treated with PT. Massage and strength training can treat the injury.


Fluid collection under the skin causes arm or leg edema. Complete decongestive therapy (CDT) helps physical therapists reduce swelling and fluid buildup.

Muscular dystrophy

A variety of disorders can cause muscle loss and weakness. Mobility exercises treat muscular dystrophy.

Neck and back pain

Chronic neck and back discomfort can limit daily activities for months or years. In certain locations, PT can reduce discomfort and increase mobility.


Broken, thin bones can occur. Hip, spine, and wrist fractures are prevalent. Good balance and bone loss in sensitive regions prevent falls with PT.


PT can help migraine and tension-type headache sufferers by relaxing neck, shoulder, and back muscles.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This common illness causes hand and arm pain, numbness, and tingling. Daily computer use might cause repetitive stress injuries. Nice hand and arm PT exercises.

Joint replacement

After joint replacement surgery, PT teaches you how to move. PT can lessen recovery pain and help you regain fitness.

Parkinson’s disease 

This causes chronic tremors and motor impairments. Physical therapists can help you build strength, balance, mobility, and independence.

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