The Diabetes Diet Benefits from These 10 Wintertime Foods

Replace Cinnamon with Pumpkin Syrup in Coffee

Heats popular drinks as they cool. Starbucks suggests a low-fat cinnamon latte over pumpkin spice or hot chocolate. which may control blood sugar.

Filling Fiber: Roast or Shred Brussels Sprouts

This low-glycemic vegetable, which is abundant throughout much of the autumn and winter, is an excellent side dish for maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

A Whole Apple Makes a Sweet Low-Carb Snack

Health benefits of apples peak during apple-picking season. "Apple fiber slows blood glucose rise and makes you feel full.

Change White Potatoes for Jicama in Diabetes Diet

If you've never cooked with jicama, try it this season—it's fantastic for diabetes! Nicama can make french fries and taco shells with half the calories and carbs of white potatoes.

Use Spaghetti Squash on Your Diabetes-Friendly Plate

Diabetes and squash go well together in cooler temperatures. This clever side helps you eat pasta while staying to your carb goal.

Open a High-Fiber Cannellini Bean Can

The high fiber content of cannellini beans can help control blood sugar levels. A previous study found decreased fasting glucose among fiber-eating diabetics.

Bake Sweet Potatoes for Better Skin and Eyes

The orange color and health benefits of sweet potatoes make them diabetes-friendly. Shyong says beta-carotene, which makes sweet potatoes orange, becomes Vitamin A, which improves skin and vision.

Add Steel-Cut Oats to Your Diabetes Breakfast Bowl

A warm breakfast on a cool morning is tempting, but weekdays are busy. Before buying instant oatmeal, overnight steel-cut oats are easy.

Add Steel-Cut Oats to Your Diabetes Breakfast Bowl

Save the seeds while carving your Halloween jack-o'-lantern. Roasted pumpkin seeds provide healthy lipids and few carbohydrates. Try pumpkin seeds for salty, crunchy snacks instead of chips.

Warm Up with Hearty Vegetable Soup

As temps decrease, salads disappear. But that doesn't mean eat less veggies: Replace salads with vegetable soup in cooler months to increase fiber and antioxidant intake and eat less.

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