The 8 Best Teas to Drink If You Have Diabetes and Want to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Green Tea

Diabetes patients benefit from green tea polyphenols like EGCG. These drugs may boost insulin secretion, sugar levels, and sensitivity.

 Black Tea

Black tea, low in calories and carbs, is another smart choice for diabetics. This can control sugar levels well. Black tea is more oxidized than green and oolong teas.

Cinnamon Tea

Diabetes patients can also drink cinnamon tea. Research suggests that dalcheeni chai or cinnamon tea may boost insulin sensitivity.

Chamomile Tea

Diabetes sufferers can drink chamomile tea. Dried-chamomile herbal tea. This diabetes herbal tea calms and comforts after meal. 

Ginger Tea

Morning ginger tea may benefit diabetics beyond refreshments. A diabetic diet benefits from ginger tea. 

Hibiscus Tea

Red, tart hibiscus tea is diabetic-friendly. Dried hibiscus petals make this diabetes herbal tea caffeine-free. Diabetics benefit from hiperbiscus tea.

 Haldi Tea Or Turmeric Tea

This tea can use Haldi, an Indian domestic kitchen star. Turmeric or Haldi tea for diabetes is beneficial.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is another beneficial diabetes tea. Natural suppressor peppermint improves HbA1C. Diabetes patients might relieve indigestion and bloating with peppermint tea.

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