The 7 Best Natural Dog Chews

Bully Sticks: Bully sticks are made from dried bull or steer pizzles. They are highly palatable and provide a long-lasting chew for dogs.

Antlers: Antler chews, sourced from naturally shed deer or elk antlers, are a durable and mineral-rich option for dogs. They are long-lasting and come in different sizes.

Himalayan Yak Chews: These chews are made from hardened yak milk cheese. They are grain-free and provide a tasty and long-lasting chew for dogs.

Raw Bones: Raw bones, such as beef or lamb marrow bones, can be given to dogs for gnawing and dental health. It's important to choose appropriate-sized bones and monitor your dog while they chew.

Sweet Potato Chews: Dehydrated sweet potato slices or sticks are a healthy and natural chew option. They are low in fat and high in fiber, providing a chewy texture.

Rawhide Alternatives: For dogs who enjoy the texture of rawhide but need an alternative, there are options such as rawhide-free chews made from sweet potatoes, fruits, or compressed vegetable chews.

Coconut Fiber Chews: Coconut fiber chews, made from coconut husk, are a natural and sustainable option. They are durable and can help promote dental health.

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