The 7 Best Fish for a Brand New Aquarist to Start With in a Freshwater Aquarium

Swordtails – Xiphophorus hellerii

Elegant swordtails are Xiphophorus. Oddest pet fish are strongest. Swordtails are simple to recognize and great conversation starters due to their bright orange and long needle-like tails.

 Bristlenose Pleco – Ancistrus spp.

Small Ancistrus catfish called bristlenose plecos have nice bristles on their faces. Their armored scales are another distinctive property of freshwater catfish.

Betta fish – Betta splenden

Betta fish are popular freshwater pets. The fins of males stand out. Unpopular females lack males' big fins and tails. Bettas are intriguing for their character, not appearance.

Zebra Danio – Danio rerio

Zebra Danios are lively. Tough fish swim back and forth for survival. Buy them for a lively fish aquarium. Artificially colored Zebra Danios. Long dark-blue stripes cover their body.

Fancy Guppies – Poecilia reticulata

Probably the most famous freshwater fish are fancy guppies. Their unique hardness and vast color range make them appealing. Beginner guppies flourish in domestic fish tanks because to their adaptability.

Albino Bronze Cory – Corydoras aeneus

The Bronze Cory catfish is one of 160 tropical Corydoras species. Albino Bronze Corys interest aquariums everywhere. Spherical plecos are attached to surfaces, yet cory catfish swim like fish.

Ember Tetra – Hyphessobrycon amandae

Ember tetras are tiny Hyphessobrycon fish with odd names. A tank with green plants highlights orange-colored tiny fish. Grouping Ember tetras makes them more comfortable.

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