The 6 Best Benefits of Supergreen Mizuna

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Blood-clotting support

Vitamin K-rich mizuna offers several health advantages. Most significantly, vitamin K aids blood coagulation.

Superior in Antioxidants

This green gives a megadose of nutrients, including antioxidants, which neutralize damaging free radicals and prevent cell damage and chronic illness.

Increases Bone Density

Blood coagulation and bone strength depend on vitamin K. Vitamin K may directly affect calcium balance, which improves bone health and density.

Improves Immune Health

Due to its antioxidants and nutritional value, mizuna may enhance your immune system. One cup supplies 65% of the daily vitamin C requirement due to its abundance.

Can Lower The Risk Of Cancer

Some studies have suggested consuming this nutrient-rich green and other vegetables in the same family may lessen cancer risk.

Enhances Vision Health

Every cup of mizuna delivers 118% of the daily vitamin A. Fat-soluble vitamin A helps eyes. Vitamin A insufficiency causes dry skin, eyes, night blindness, impaired vision, and blindness.

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