The 5 Most Important Guidelines for Cooking

Use a decent knife and board

One or two good knives are necessary. The chef's knife should be one. This kitchen powerhouse. A good cutting board is essential. 

Get your ingredients and space ready

Sanitize before cooking if needed. A chef I taught instructed me to clean the kitchen till it shines not for how you leave it, but for how you enter it the next morning.

Cook a lot

You might believe this key guideline is about cooking all the time, but no. It involves cooking more than you need for each meal. Make lots of food. 

Cook with ingredients not only recipes

This is hard for beginning cooks, but ingredients drive cooking better than recipes. Maintain great recipes we use.

Find YOUR food

Organic joy is LesserEvil Organic Popcorn. Organic, non-GMO ingredients make this brand a guilt-free, healthy delight.

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