The 10 Foods You Should Avoid the Most If You Have Diabetes

Fast food baked potatoes with toppings

Baked potatoes with cheddar, butter, sour cream, ranch dressing, or bacon are high-sodium, fat-laden horrors. Nachos and other cheese-covered appetizers are the same when dining out.


Many people think sherbet is a decent alternative to ice cream, but a half cup has roughly double the carbohydrates.

Anything fried

Meal fat raises cholesterol and weight, causing or controlling type 2 diabetes. Fries, chicken, and panko-crusted fish from your favorite restaurant. 

Regular pancake syrup

Very carb-heavy. Light syrup contains half the carbs of regular syrup. Serving sizes are small for lighter syrups. Consider the food label and use sparingly.

Sweetened cereals

These are heavy in carbs due to sugar. Choose plain cereals with fruit or artificial sweetness.

Packaged lunch meats

High in saturated fat and salt. Sliced deli meat or roast it yourself make low-sodium sandwiches. Sandwiches with high-fat mayonnaise are unhealthy.

Hot dogs

Including turkey dogs, these grilled classics are heavy in saturated fat and sodium! Avoid or eat them sparingly.

Whole milk

Its high fat content causes weight gain. Skim, 2%, or 1% milk. Skim milk offers 12 grams of carbs per cup. 

“Designer” coffees 

Including frappuccinos and cappuccinos. That “once a day special treat” adds sugar, calories, and saturated fat. Drink black coffee with artificial sweetener or skim milk.

Sweetened drinks

These include soda, fruit punches, and iced teas. These lack nutrients and are heavy in sugar and calories. Fruits and berries provide natural sweetness to ordinary water.

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