Smoothie Bowl Tips

Choose a smoothie base liquid for your blender. Learn how to make plant-based milks, our preference. Use cold tea, coconut water, 100% fruit juice, or water instead.

Choose a base liquid

You can bulk up healthy smoothie bowls here. Our smoothies usually contain 1 cup of greens and 1 cup of fruit. 

Select a variety of fruit + veg

Protein heals, grows, and balances blood sugar and makes a filling smoothie. 

Add in a good source of protein

Healthy fats limit sugar absorption in smoothie bowls with sweeter fruits. 

Toss in some healthy fat

Herbs and spices are a great way to give your nutritious smoothie bowls more flavor and nutrition. 

Use herbs and spices

After combining, add flavor, texture, and crunch. Toppings enhance or contrast smoothies. Use bitter/sour toppings for sweet smoothies and vice versa.

Choose delicious topping

Freeze your bowl for 30 minutes before creating your smoothie. This keeps smoothies cool.

Use a chilled bowl

Decorate your smoothie bowl! Creatives love this. Lines, quadrants, circles, or random toppings. No limits! Instagram, Pinterest, and food blogs inspire.

Make it pretty!

Share nutritious smoothie bowls with two or more people. Set up a toppings bar so friends and family may customize them.

Share the goodness

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