Six intermittent fasting methods

 The fasting window is small, most of it happens during sleep, and the person can eat the same amount of calories each day. 12-hour fasts help sleep.

Daily 12-hour fast

Alternate-day fasting is intense intermittent fasting and may not be suited for novices or those with specific medical issues. Long-term fasting may be tough.

Alternate day fasting

A 24-hour fast can be difficult and produce weariness, headaches, and irritation. As the body adjusts to this new diet, these symptoms often lessen.

A weekly 24-hour fast

16:8 fasting and 8-hour eating is the Leangains plan. 16:8 diet males fast 16 hours and females 14 hours. If the 12-hour fast failed, this intermittent fast may.

 Fasting for 16 hours

The 5:2 diet involves eating healthily for 5 days and cutting calories for 2 days.

Two-day weekly fasting

The Warrior Diet involves fasting for 20 hours and eating one huge meal at night. A four-hour eating window is typical.

Warrior Diet

Fiber-Rich Foods