Secrets that Actually Work to Make You Look Younger

Keep Lips Moist

Even the greatest makeup can't hide dry, flaky lips. 

Whiten Stained Teeth

Whitening toothpastes remove surface stains to lighten teeth by one shade. 

Refresh Tired Eyes

Sleep may be the best cure for tired eyes. Sleep hormones keep skin stretchy. 

Reduce Dark Circles

Sleeping enough reduces dark circles beneath the eyes.

Increase Hair Thinning

Simple style procedures can give thinning hair body. 

Eat Salmon for Smooth Skin

Salmon provides a wealth of skin nutrients. 

Care for Your Hands

Salmon ava wealth of skin nutrients. 

Soften Your Heels

Most people develop thick heel and ball skin after decades of walking. 

Don't Smoke

Avoiding cigarettes is a surefire approach to prevent skin harm. 

Wear sunscreen

You undoubtedly know that sunscreen blocks the sun's rays to prevent wrinkles.

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