Portion Control Tips

Eat Colorful Veggies

It's the most essential portion control method. Vegetables help you lose weight and enhance nutrition. Weight loss does not affect skin, hair, or bowel motions. 

Eat before you're hungry

Laziness causes overeating. Scheduled meals are good. Planning aids circadian rhythm. Work or other obligations keep us from eating at the same time every day. 

Avoid Eating from Bags or Boxes

Snack binging? or working. Cornell students ate 50% more without apparent portions. Serve 5–10 of your favorite chips or cookies. Hungry or bored, you won't eat a bag or carton.

Tour Your Buffet

This simple method might help buffet employees manage quantities. Check out the buffet before eating. Cornell University says buffet-goers eat two-thirds of the first three foods. Thus, nutrition aside. 

Finish with Fennel Seeds or Peppermint Tea

One habit you must break is concluding a meal with dessert or chocolate. Sugar addiction. Leaving this one is hard. 

Portion Control Secrets