Nutritionist-Recommended Uneven Cycle Foods


Myristicin and apiole in parsley help produce estrogen, which regulates menstruation.


Papaya carotene boosts estrogen. It also eases menstruation cramps.


Ginger magnesium and vitamin C regulate menstruation.


It improves blood flow and body heat. Cinnamon enhances flavor and health.


The ingredient that has multiple benefits is also found to improve the regularity of periods.


This fruit boosts red and white blood cells. It regulates menstrual blood flow and sheds the uterine lining.

Carom seeds

Antispasmodic carom seeds help menstruation irregularity. They also boost uterine activity.

Aloe vera

Because of how well it controls hormones, it also controls menstruation.


Iron and folic acid-rich foods minimize period bloating. It also regulates menstruation.

Nutritious Foods

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