10 different yoga poses that might help relieve pain in the shoulders and neck

Ear to Shoulder/Neck Rolls

The yoga version of the most popular neck stretch relieves tension further. 

Seated Forward Bend

Sit up straight with straight legs for the seated forward bend pose. Inhale deeply and fold forward, cupping your heels and trying to get your chest close to your knees.

Cross Body Shoulder Stretch

This traditional stretch relieves shoulder stress, especially with yoga breathing. To release the shoulders/trapezius, this pose relieves deltoids and triceps muscle tension, which typically causes clenching.

 Warrior II Pose

This great stance releases your chest and shoulders, which indirectly straightens your neck.

Two-Footed Pose

This unusual approach targets two musculoskeletal regions. It expands chest and shoulders, strengthens legs, increases spinal flexibility, and relaxes the mind.

 Cat/Cow Stretch

Not the most flattering stretch, but this stance instantly stretches your neck and shoulders. This pose improves abdominal strength, chest expansion, and slow, deep breathing.

Standing Forward Bend Pose

This yoga stance is essential for beginners for good reason. Straightens rounded shoulders and relieves neck and shoulder discomfort. Hips, calves, and hamstrings stretch.

 Hand Clasp Behind Back

Another beginner position for tight shoulders or shoulder blade pain. 

Melting Heart Posture

This position might be tough for beginners. Hit it to stretch your neck, shoulder, and upper back and release tension.

 Sphinx Pose

Sphinx position, another classic, is a fantastic novice alternative to melting heart. 

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