Food allergy

IgE cow milk allergies are most common and deadly. Cow's milk triggers IgE allergies in 5–30 minutes. Swelling, rashes, hives, vomiting, and uncommon anaphylaxis occur.

1. Cow’s milk

Some studies suggest that giving baked products to children with egg allergies may speed up their outgrowth, although further research is needed.

2. Eggs

Tree nuts and seeds are allergens. It's a common food allergy that affects 1% of Americans and up to 3% worldwide.

3.  Tree nuts

Peanut allergies, like tree nut allergies, are prevalent and can be fatal. Peanuts are legumes, thus they're different. Peanut allergies often include tree nut allergies.

4.  Peanuts

Shellfish allergies, like other IgE food allergies, develop quickly. Your body rejects crustacean and mollusk fish proteins. Shellfish allergies, like other IgE food allergies, develop quickly.

5.   Shellfish

Wheat proteins cause wheat allergies. Skin-prick testing can detect wheat allergies. Wheat-free diets are the only cure. Avoid wheat-containing foods and cosmetics.

6.  Wheat

Soy allergies impact 0.5% of children, usually toddlers. It's soy. Soy-allergic children outgrow it in 70%. Soy-allergic babies are allergic to cow's milk.

7.  Soy

Fish allergies affect about 7% of individuals.  Fish allergies are common in children. Fish allergies might develop later in life. 

8.  Fish

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