Eight all-natural treatments for blood clots


Weight loss, cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and inflammation reduction require diet adjustments. 

Alter Your Food Habits


Staying active prevents blood clots. Exercise frequently and prevent prolonged inactivity or immobility. 

Stay Active


Medication can raise blood clot risk. Hormone replacement pharmaceuticals, birth control pills, blood pressure meds, and cancer treatments are examples. 

Think About Changing  Medications


smoking or using electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products increases blood clot risk. Overweight and other risk factors increase risk.

Give Up Tobacco


Turmeric reduces inflammation and works as an anticoagulant and antiplatelet. A 2012 study found that curcumin's anticoagulant qualities avoided blood clots.



Garlic is known to prevent and cure numerous cardiovascular and metabolic problems, including blood clots. 



This leafy green is underrated nutritionally. It relieves PMS symptoms in reproductive women.

Vitamin E


Helichrysum breaks blood clots under the skin. Helichrysum lowers blood pressure, inflammation, and smooth muscle activity, improving blood vessel health. 

Vitamin E

Nutritious Foods

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