Drink One of These 10 Refreshing Soda Alternatives

Infuse Your Water With Delicious Flavor

Sweetened waters are everywhere, yet many include sugar or artificial sweeteners. A healthier option is natural flavoring. 

Go Natural With Green Tea, Hot or Iced

A review of green tea research found that it may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, liver disease, and type 2 diabetes. 

Take Your Water Sparkling for That Bubbly Feeling

The healthiest soda substitute is water, but sometimes, people have a tough time making the switch directly from drinking soda to water.

Add Juice to Seltzer for 'Jeltzer'

Instead of sugary drinks or calorie-laden vitamin-enhanced waters, blend 100% no-sugar-added juice with seltzer. 

Fake a Lemon-Lime Soda to Satisfy Your Citrus Fix

Try a healthier variation using lemon or lime and sugar. Add two lemon or lime slices and a dash of calorie-free, low-carb stevia to a glass of effervescent or seltzer water. 

Red Wine May Be Fine When Consumed in Moderation

Request red wine for spirit-cola cocktails. Red wine may boost heart health and lower cancer risk.

Juice Fresh Vegetables, No Chopping Needed

Without fiber, vegetable juice provides many of the advantages of veggies in a quick, low-calorie drink. 

If You Can't Do Dairy, Consider Soy Milk

Lactose-intolerant and dairy-free people can enjoy protein-packed almond and vanilla soy milk. 

If you need caffeine, drink coffee

Numerous research show moderate coffee intake is healthy. Unsweetened coffee—black or with a little nonfat or low-fat milk, almond or soy milk—is healthiest.

Sip on Kombucha, a Fermented Tea

Kombucha, fermented tea, can satisfy your carbonation cravings without sugar. Kombucha's fermentation produces probiotics.

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