Dinner Options That Are Low in Carbohydrates But High in Protein

Mozzarella, Basil & Zucchini Frittata

The fastest lunch is this vegetable-filled frittata. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, serve it with tossed salad and olive oil-drizzled crusty bread.

One-Pot Garlicky Shrimp & Spinach

Shrimp, spinach, and garlic brown in one pot for a simple weekday dinner. Sweet crushed red pepper, lemon juice, and fresh parsley make a simple pan sauce lively. 

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

Skipping bread and cutting carbs is easy by piling a famous Philly cheesesteak recipe in a colorful bell pepper and melting cheese on top.

Garlic Shrimp with Cilantro Spaghetti Squash

This quick, healthful shrimp scampi-inspired supper has garlicky shrimp on buttery, cilantro-flecked spaghetti squash. Serve with sautéed kale, collards, or spinach.

Zucchini Enchiladas

Thinly sliced zucchini can replace tortillas in cheesy chicken enchiladas to save carbohydrates. If you enjoy spice, choose hot enchilada sauce.

Choosing Balanced Low-Carb Foods for Your Health