9 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Eyes in Good Health

Consume Nutritious Food

Get more fruits and leafy greens. Living naturally helps your eyes. Add greens to your salad and eat apples instead of chips. The eyes benefit most from fish.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep advises eye care! Adequate sleep helps your skin, hair, and eyes. Night owls should know. Resting your eyes at night extends their life.

Eye-checks regularly

Another reason to see a doctor. Normal tests detect issues early. Test your eyes every six months. Avoid self-medication and see a doctor. This eye instruction is crucial.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

Smoking and drinking dry eyes. They weaken eye muscles, making cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye diseases more likely.

Style and Substance

Sunglasses protect your eyes against UV radiation and add style. Avoid going out in bright light. Swimmers should use goggles before jumping in.


Heart pumps blood to all organs, including eyes, when you exercise consistently. Oxygen and blood volume increase their health and fitness.

Rest While You Work

Everything is digital now. Close your eyes and take breaks between work. The glare from computer and phone screens can induce significant eye tiredness.

 Dry Air, Goodbye

Car and room AC vents should be out of your eyes. Dry air tears corneas. The eyes may heal these tears, but dry air can cause blindness.

Clean Your Eyes

Clean your eye makeup, including kohl, before bed. Small makeup bits might irritate your eyes and create abrasions. Clean them with cold water before bed.

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