9 Natural treatments for the common cold and flu

Extra pillow sleep

Sleep with a pillow under your head to clear your sinuses.

Gargling warm salt water

To soothe a sore throat, dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and gargle.

A steamy shower

Austin suggests warm showers or saunas for decongestion. If the disease makes you dizzy or weak, sit in a chair in your bathroom while having a hot shower.


Camphor or menthol salve over your nose, not in it, breaks up mucus. Inhaling peppermint and eucalyptus aromatherapy oils reduces congestion.

 Chicken soup

Mom knows best sometimes! Hot drinks like soup reduce mucus and hydrate. A University of Nebraska Medical Center study found chicken soup reduces cold symptoms by reducing inflammation.  

Honey and tea

"I'm honey fanatic," she says. Natural antiviral and antibacterial properties.Use local natural sweetener in ginger or cinnamon tea to relieve a scratchy throat and stay hydrated.


"It's so important to get plenty of rest during cold and flu season," says Austin. Your immune system works best during sleep to fight viruses and germs.

Vitamin C

Some studies suggests vitamin C reduces cold duration, but it doesn't prevent cold symptoms. Immune system and overall health improve.


Staying hydrated is Austin's top tip for recovering from a cold or flu. "When you're hydrated, your body naturally flushes germs," she says.

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