9 Low-Carbohydrate Alternatives to Potatoes 


Turnips are one of my favorite low-carb potato substitutes because they taste mild when cooked. You can mash, bake, fry, hash brown, or do anything with potatoes.

Daikon Radish

This root vegetable, also called a Chinese, Japanese, or luobo radish, is less spicy than a red radish and cooks sweet and delicate. 

Red Radishes

Red radishes are the perfect low-carb equivalent for baby gold potatoes, making them my favorite vegetable on this list. Absolutely love baby potatoes.


More familiar. Carrots are a better low-carb sweet potato substitute than russet or yukon gold potatoes due to color, flavor, and texture. 

Celeriac (Celery Root)

Never judge a book by its cover. Even though this lumpy turnip-look-alike is tough, it peels like a potato. 

Rutabaga (Swede)

A major distinction is rutabagas' bigger size. Rutabaga may be better than turnips for fries or scalloped potatoes.

Butternut Squash

The best keto sweet potato substitute is butternut squash. Soups, mash, roast, air fry, or low-carb potato tots or fries. 


The big one. Cauliflower has become a keto substitute for potatoes, rice, grains, and most other carbs, perhaps too much.


Due to its high water content, zucchini is difficult to crisp, but it's fantastic in hash, casserole, or as a potato skin.

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