7 Ways to Experiment with Rainbow Hair Colors

Dale Carter


Boldly embracing vibrant hair colors requires commitment, regular maintenance, and consideration of workplace or school policies.

Be bold


For a summery change without going full rainbow, opt for a heightened version of a natural hair color to revitalize your look.

Go for a rich, solid shade


A subtle and trendy twist, color only the hair ends—an ideal choice for those seeking a low-key transformation or navigating parental preferences.

Tint your tips


Fluorescent colors, sparing you the hassle of root touch-ups. This style complements any haircut, but it particularly shines on shorter hairstyles.

Do dip-dye


There are few things cooler than a set of bangs, especially in a stunning neon shade. It’s unexpected and fearlessly fashion-forward.

Go out with a "bang"


A bright shade of dye and selective touch-ups, creating a unique twist on this popular trend seen everywhere from fashion to celebrity hairstyles.

Slow fade


Pretty pastels are a style staple this season—why not rock a macaroon hue in your mane? It’s a super sweet way to go bold.

Try a candy-colored hue

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