7 Trendy Mullet Haircuts for 2023

Classic Mullet

The classic mullet has short hair on the front and sides and longer, layered hair on the rear. This style has a business front and party back appeal.

Modern Shag Mullet

The modern shag mullet blends the jagged layers and texture of a shag haircut with the lengthier length in the back. It's attractive and adaptable.

Long Mullet

A dramatic mullet with longer hair in the back. This strong design allows for more imaginative styling.

Curly Mullet

Wear your curls. Curly hair with the mullet form create a unique and striking hairstyle.

Short Mullet

A short mullet is more subtle. This mullet version has a shorter back length and is more wearable.

Undercut Mullet

Give your mullet an edgy undercut. This striking and trendy design combines two popular hairstyles: shaved sides and a longer, layered back.

Asymmetrical Mullet

Asymmetrical mullets are adventurous and unique. This avant-garde hairstyle has one side much shorter or styled differently than the other.

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