7 Monsoon Snack Recipes

Potatoes complete monsoon snacks. Thus, honey-garlic-herb-roasted potatoes are delicious and easy. It's simple! Serve with hot drinks.

Herbed Potatoe

These crispy, deep-fried cheese-dough nibbles will brighten your rainy day. Cheesy nibbles never fail. This delicious nibble will make you want more.

Cheese Papdi

This was predictable. Indians love these fried potato-filled puffed cakes. Monsoon weather often calls for this favorite snack! It needs the right chutney.

Moong Dal Samosa

Street food is risky during monsoons. You may make your favorite street snacks at home. Foodies dream about this Delhi-style aloo chaat.

 Aloo chaat

Corn without monsoon. On a rainy day, enjoy this sour and spicy corn bhel!

Corn Bhel

This dish deep-fries crispy potato and channa dal patties. With your favorite chutney, eat these tasty rounds.

Aloo Dal Ki Tikki

The perfect monsoon snack is chat masala-dusted onion pakodas. Eat with tart pudina chutney.

 Kanda Bhajji

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