6 Excellent Workouts for People with Diabetes

Mild Brisk Walking Has Big Benefits

Walk if you have diabetes and no exercise. Colberg thinks people walk easily. You only need good shoes and a destination. Walking is a top type 2 diabetes activity.

Tai Chi Balances and Reduces Stress

Ancient Chinese practice Tai chi. According to Mayo Clinic, participants flow through calm, relaxing movements with deep breathing. 

Maintaining Muscle Requires Weight Training

"I cannot overstate weight training's benefits for everyone, not just diabetics." Weight training builds muscle in type 2 diabetes. “Losing muscle mass makes blood sugar maintenance harder,”

Reduces Stress for Blood Sugar Control with Yoga

Tai chi, yoga reduces stress and controls diabetes, according to research. Stress raises blood sugar.

Swimming is a relaxing low-impact exercise

Swimming is another joint-friendly cardio training for type 2 diabetes. Colberg says water buoyancy is less tiring than walking or jogging. 

Bike riding is convenient and burns calories

The HHS says biking's aerobic workout builds heart, lungs, and calories. Casual riding several times a week reduced obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, according to research.

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