5 Workday snacks

Trail mix is great. Trail mix has everything. Add nuts, raisins, and your favorite namkeen to homemade trail mix. Endless trail mix.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is half dried fruit. Adaptable snack. Dried fruit is convenient for work. An insulated jar keeps dried fruits dry and sealed for healthy desk munching!

Dried Fruits

Top snack: carrot sticks. Carrots are nutritious. Crunchy carrot sticks are bite-sized. Bring chopped cucumbers and beets for desk munching.

Carrot and other vegetable sticks

Yogurt snacks. They're light, portable, and healthy—perfect work snacks. Insulated preserves keep snacks cool. Seasonal fruits may flavor yogurt!


Foxnuts (makhna) popcorn is healthier. Foxnuts are convenient desk snacks. Dry or ghee-roasted foxnuts taste great with flavoring. Keep crispy makhanas sealed!

Roasted Foxnuts

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