5 Tips for Mindful Eating

Listen to Your Body

Check if you're hungry or not. Why aren't you hungry? Drinking water. Walk, play, or read. Meditation and deep breathing reduce tension and anxiety. Food nourishes.

Rate Your Hunger

Pre- and mid-meal hunger assessments. Post-meal hunger assessment. Notice how eating impacts hunger and satisfaction. Use this scale to check hunger and stop eating when full.

Cut the Distractions

TV off. Hang up. Notice distractions and gently return to your meal. Your inability to focus may surprise you. Mindful eating requires practice like any other skill. 

Allow Time to Eat Slowly

Your body takes 20 minutes to deliver several messages to your brain to make you feel full after eating. Fast eaters can overeat. Sit down and eat to determine fullness.

Enjoy Eating

Look around. Thank the growers, deliverers, and cooks. Smell, taste, touch, and see the meal.  Free mindful eating improves food relationships and health.

Weight-Loss Snacks