5 simple, high-protein snacks that are all less than 200 calories each

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Vanilla Greek Yogurt 

Agave drizzle and nutmeg sprinkle give vanilla yogurt the right sweetness and spice. 93 calories, 12 g protein per serving.

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Turkey and Lettuce Wrap 

Crisp lettuce and tasty turkey create a simple snack. Spicy brown mustard adds heat. 107 calories, 14 g protein per 3 wraps.

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Hard-boiled egg sandwich open-faced

Open-sided sandwiches save calories and carbs. 198 calories, 10 g protein per serving.

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Jerky now offers beef, bison, turkey, and vegan! Serve with a small apple, orange, or whole-grain crackers for fiber and energy. A 1-ounce serving includes 80-100 calories and 10 g protein.

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Cottage Cheese with Grapes

Coconut oil solidifies at room temperature, so use it as a nighttime moisturizer or anytime.

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