10 Suggestions to Assist You in Giving Up Vaping

Imagine what success looks like

After quitting, what do you expect? Will breaks save money or time? Will you breathe easier? Will you feel more comfortable adopting healthier habits?

Phone a friend

Two or three persons should be available for SMS or chat 24/7. Tell one you want to vape and get cheerleading or tough love till it passes.

Plan your withdrawal

A variety of disorders can cause muscle loss and weakness. Mobility exercises treat muscular dystrophy.

Change your routine

Triggers—things that make you act—drive habits. Consider switching up your vaping habit, like unwinding at home. Relax in a separate area at home or walk on work breaks.

Make yourself accountable

Join forces with those trying to quit vaping or tell many you're doing it and will update them daily. 

Make it worthwhile

If they matter, rewards overcome cravings. Instead of vaping, save your money and buy whatever you want. 

Lock it up

Give your vape supplies to a non-roommate or acquire a timed lockbox . Online supply orders: erase your account and saved details. 

Get ready for round two

Habit quitting on the first try is rare. If you fail, figure out why and how to better your plan next time.

Make it visual

Quick glimpse at your winning streak. Record every day you don't vape on a calendar or poster. Make it look professional using fancy pens or stickers.

Take it one day at a time

It's easy to get overwhelmed by how lengthy or hard this trip is. Instead, promise yourself not to smoke every morning.

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