10 Seasonal fruits and vegetables that you should try to incorporate into your diet


Red and juicy fruit is ideal for hot and humid weather. The best cooling and hydrating fruit for the season when you must stay hydrated. 


The king of fruits, a summer favorite, is nutritious. Mangoes can be used in drinks, smoothies, salads, etc. 


Fruit papaya is popular in summer. This fruit is edible dried, ripe, or unripe. Papaya has vitamin A, C, folate, papain, and phytochemicals. 


Grapes are another summer treat with many health advantages. This tart fruit is abundant in potassium and antioxidants.


A delicious summer fruit with various health benefits and varieties. Guava is a fantastic fruit for diabetics who avoid fruits.

Bottle Guard

This soft, light green, lengthy vegetable is light on the stomach and loaded with health benefits. I

Lady’s Finger or Okra

Okra, a soft, finger-sized vegetable, is tasty and available fresh in summer. As a green vegetable, it contains carotenoids that improve vision and skin cell healing. 

Brinjal or Eggplant

A summer crop with several health benefits. Most eggplants are rich purples, however there are many sizes and colors.

Bitter Gourd

Consider the health benefits of this vegetable, which may not be everyone's favorite. 


Popular with nearly 40 varieties, pumpkins make a wonderful side dish. Pumpkins are rich in Vitamin A, proteins, fiber, carbs, potassium, manganese, B2, E, and Iron. 

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