10 Reasons Why Hydration is Important


Dehydration—even 2%—can affect memory, mood, focus, and reaction speed. Water improves cognitive, emotional, and anxiety. Elderly people suffer from dehydration and cognitive impairment.

Improved brain performance


Food digestion requires water. Insufficient causes irregular bowel movements, gas, bloating, heartburn, and other life-degrading discomforts. Fluids may aid. Digestive soluble fiber. Ideal mineral water has sodium and magnesium.

Digestive harmony


Dehydration lowers brain oxygenation and circulation. Dehydration makes your heart pump oxygen harder. That intensity may tire and distract you. Water prevents dehydration and promotes vitality.

More energy


between meals. Boosts metabolism. Water before meals dramatically reduced weight, BMI, and composition in overweight people. Another 2016 study found 1% water reduced calories. Sugar, cholesterol, salt, and saturated fat decreased.

Weight loss/management


Our cartilage is 80% water. Hydration lubricates joints, forming a "cushion" between bones and reducing friction. Friction-free joints reduce aches and pains.

Decreased joint pain


Dehydration stores heat. Heat tolerance drops. Water cools you while you're overheated. Heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses are prevented by this built-in cooling mechanism.

Better temperature regulation


Urinary tract crystals form kidney stones. They hurt. Drinking enough water daily may dissolve urinary tract minerals and prevent stones. Water eliminates bladder germs and prevents UTIs.

Kidney stone prevention


H2O dominates your blood. Concentrated water can induce electrolyte imbalances if you don't drink enough. Potassium and sodium help your heart function.

Healthier heart


Water helps your body detoxify waste and toxins through urination, breathing, perspiration, and bowel motions. Supporting your robust, built-in detox mechanisms improves your health.

Improved detoxification


Some people get headaches and migraines from minor fluid loss because the brain contracts away from the skull. Hydration may reduce headaches.

Fewer headaches

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