10 Clever Ways to Make Water Taste Better to Drink More

Add Fresh Fruit

Delicious fruit-flavored water a few slices away.Muddle a few slices in your glass or soak your favorite fruits in an infuser pitcher with a removable cone.

Consider a Veggie Infusion

Adding vegetables to water may seem unusual, yet some flavor like fruits. Excellent mild, water-rich vegetables are cucumbers and zucchini. Use unusual vegetables like earthy carrots or peppery radishes.

Add Herbs

Remember fresh herbs when infusing. A few thyme, lavender, rosemary, mint, or basil sprigs can beautify your water. Calorie-free taste. Make your own herb, fruit, and veggie mix.

Use Juice

Juice adds flavor and color to water, and the appropriate sort can boost nutrition for little calories. Vitamin C and antioxidants are found in 100% juices.

Make It Bubbly

Try naturally effervescent mineral water for minerals if conventional water doesn't inspire. Or try flavored carbonated water. Sparkling waters come in limoncello and apple cider flavors.

Get Creative With Ice

A scientific explanation may explain its appeal. A study discovered that cold water diminishes taste bud sensitivity, preventing flavor pollution. Serve a cold drink with crushed or cubed ice.

Stick a Tea Bag in It

Tea hydrates like sparkling water and adds personality to your cup. Hot or cold unsweetened tea has no calories and may contain antioxidants.

Make Bone Broth or Stock

Many intermittent fasting strategies allow bone broth because it's low in calories and won't break a fast. 

Use a Filter

Non-TikTok short! Instead of buying a LifeStraw Camelback Eddy bottle with a filter, build a water filter at home to remove bad tastes and improve drinking.

Add Fast Flavor

The WaterTok concept suggests flavoring water with powders and syrups. These additives might add many calories and sugars. 

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